Apr 112012

This Food List Challenge has been going around Facebook lately.  Have you seen it? I don’t know exactly who put it togteher, but it has an interesting assortment of foods from all reaches.

I’ve tried 70 items on this list but would like to try the rest if I ever come across them.  I might not like a few of them and  I don’t know if I could even stomach black pudding one bit, but I wouldn’t know unless I tried it. Has anyone had black pudding??

Some of the foods that I have tried were not my cup of tea (such as sea urchin aka uni) and others I LOVE (raw oysters!).  I would totally eat fried crickets or grasshoppers….  I better call Andrew Zimmern and ask him to take me somewhere locally to try them. lol!  I have eaten some pretty weird things that are NOT even on this list like jellyfish and bear but can you believe I have never had Chicken and Waffles? Well I have eaten both, of course, just never together. That one will be easy, as will the bellini.

Here is the list and my results.  How do you stack up???

ETA: I might just create my own list because even though I like this list below, I think many things were overlooked. What else do you think should be included on this list???

 85. Shark

  15 Responses to “100 Food to Eat Before You Die {The Food List Challenge}”

  1. Interesting, this should be made into a customisable list that can be printed…

  2. 80 out of one hundred. I think I have had more but I did not
    recognize the Oriential foods?

  3. I have tried 62!

  4. I figure there would be more uncommon foods on here but i guess not.. fun to think about all the things ive ate

    • Yes, this list overlooked a lot of things. Maybe I should create my own list! What would you like to see included that was overlooked on this list??

  5. I’ve tried 41 of 100
    I do see several i want to try.
    Among the ones i will NEVER eat are:
    Nettle tea
    I have very specific reasons for not eating these.

  6. For me 72 of 100, but debatable list. Several “dishes” made with junk food. I am not referring to internal organs, which are indeed a delicacy. Others are standard fare when you travel, unless you run to the first Mc’Donalds you see when you are traveling. Or, even worse, as some people I have heard of, you travel with your own stash of ‘US food’ so you avoid exposure to local food. Get out of your comfort zone. Also very US centric list. Most choices are what you find at “ethnic” restaurants in the US. Truly a very limited (and distorted) view of what a real ‘top 100 before you die’ list should really contain. Maybe is just one of those applications that siphon info from your FB account.

  7. Here is a link to the only place in the Twin Cities that I know sells blood sausage. I haven’t been able to find it in grocery stores.


    Here’s a link to their restaurant:

  8. I’ve only tried 35 of these and I’m not in a rush to try any of the ones I haven’t yet. Head cheese? OMG, no way.

  9. I’ve had black pudding or what my family used to call blood sausage Kiszka. It is pretty good we used to spoon it on crackers. There is a restaurant and deli in Minneapolis that has it. I can’t remember the name right now, but when I find it i’ll pos it here. Then you can check it off your list. :)

  10. I’ve had 55. I agree that some of these I don’t think I could stomach. I’m not as adventurous and I like to think I am sometimes!

  11. I am surprised after the List review all are my favorite food ! Despite this fact you should include more ! Because I like more than 100 dishes but good concept to about the people choices !.

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