Jun 022012

The guys over at Restaurant Connection have recently expanded their delivery area and list of restaurants to include several in the wonderful City of St Paul.

Offering delivery to the following Zip Codes:

  • 55101  (St Paul)
  • 55102 ( St Paul)
  • 55103 (South Como)
  • 55104 (Merriam Park)
  • 55105 (Macalester)
  • 55108 (Falcon Heights)
  • 55111 (Airport)
  • 55112 (New Brighton)
  • 55113 (Roseville)
  • 55114 (Prospect Park)
  • 55116 (Highland Park)
  • 55150 (Airport)
  • 55155 (St Paul)

St Paul Restaurants added to the list:

  • Fuji-Ya
  • The Italian Pie Shoppe
  • Everest on Grand

Additionally, Restaurant Connection offers delivery of many Minneapolis restaurants to the St Paul area.  The site is easy to use and ordering is also very straightforward.  I had a great experience when I used them last summer and think they’re worth a try the next time you’re in need of restaurant delivery.  They do corporate events too.

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