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Here are our current picks for Best Juicy Lucy.  Thanks to my partner Erick for contributing his opinions in this list, which will grow and change as necessary.  I requested his opinion since I do not eat American Cheese under any circumstances, and that is the most traditional cheese within the Juicy Lucy.. If you know of other Juicy Lucy burgers  that we need to try, please leave a recommendation ;)

#1 The Nook ~ The Nook is the best burger joint around and their Juicy Nookie gets our vote for the Best Lucy in the Twin Cities. This classic has two patties formed around a center of molten cheese served on a soft brioche bun.  My #1 companion loves this burger and thinks The Nook has the best one personally tried thus far.  The Nook also offers a handful of stuffed burgers for those who prefer other cheeses including the Paul Molitor (stuffed with pepperjack), The Spanish Fly (50/50 chorizo-beef burger stuffed with Queso), Stuffed Philly (with peppers, onions, swiss) and Guy’s Big Bite (stuffed with bacon and pepperjack then topped with roast beef and cheddar). There is also a Stuffed Burger of the Month. I have had the Paul Molitor burger and the Orchard Burger, the feature for August 2012.  The Orchard Burger is stuffed with cheddar, bacon and apples then topped with an apricot glaze.  Every burger we’ve ever tried at The Nook  has been a winner and they make our future list of Cheap Eats as well, considering the burgers come with fresh-cut fries for less than $8.  Who can beat that?
Juicy Nookie Burger at The Nook ~ St Paul, MN

Tin Cups ~ All burgers at Tin Cup’s are cooked over charcoal and then finished on the flat-top so you get the heavenly flavor of the grill.  It also came on a big toasted bun with coleslaw and french fries.  My companion ordered the Cedar Avenue Lucy, which is the Classic Juicy Lucy stuffed with American Cheese.  Normally it comes with caramelized onions but it was requested to leave them off.  I didn’t try this burger but my companion thought it was awesome, ranking just behind The Nook for best Juicy Lucy in town.  This gets my second place vote because they have several varieties of Juicy Lucy, just in case you’re like me and don’t eat American Cheese.  My favorite Juicy Lucy at Tin Cup’s are the French Dipper (stuffed with swiss and fried onions and a side of au jus) and the Dirty Lucy (stuffed with bleu cheese, jalapenos, caramelized onions and olives).

Matt’s Bar ~ The Jucy Lucy at the famous Matt’s Bar, is only about 1/3 lb, but a whole lot of goodness is packed into this smaller package.  The inside has molten American cheese that could burn your face in .2 seconds if you aren’t careful! The patty was served atop pickle rounds.  Matt’s offers fried onions with the burgers if you so desire. Good stuff, albeit a little greasy.   Shoestring fries are sold separately, by the basket.Jucy Lucy at Matt's Bar ~ Minneapolis, MN

Blue Door Pub ~ The Blue Door Pub is well-known for their many varieties  of  “Juicy Blucys”, which are what they call their version of the locally known cheese-stuffed burgers.   Options include the Blucy (bleu cheese and garlic), The Luau (stuffed with mozzarella and pineapple, Canadian Bacon on top), The Classic (cheddar cheese), Breakfast Blucy (cheddar, bacon topped with fried egg), Bangkok Blucy (mozzarella soaked in coconut milk and topped with pickled carrots, cucumbers, red onions and ginger), Cajun Blucy (pepperjack and jalapeños), Mushroom Swiss, Bacon Blucy (cheddar and bacon), The Frenchy (swiss and caramelized onions with a  side of au jus), and The Merriam Park (bacon, bleu cheese, garlic and topped with red currant jelly).  Fries and tator tots are $2 extra.  The burgers are great but the restaurant is always packed and there is always a long wait for a seat…. be prepared.

5-8 Tavern & Grill  ~ The eastern sister to the 5-8 Club in Minneapolis, home of the original Juicy Lucy, has a variety of Juicy Lucy’s as well.  This 1/2 lb burger comes with choice of stuffed American, Swiss, pepperjack or bleu cheese.  Burgers are served in a  basket with JoJo potatoes or you can upgrade to onion rings.  The quality of beef is excellent but the burger is so big and substantial that the cheese just doesn’t get hot enough to become truly molten, it is more gooey. And there is a LOT of it.  I personally prefer the un-stuffed burgers at 5-8  but they are known for having  many faithful Juicy Lucy followers.

So there you have it….. Twin Cities Restaurant Blog’s picks for Best Juicy Lucy.

Which Juicy Lucy in town is your favorite??  If you know of other restaurants that offer stuffed cheeseburgers (Juicy Lucy), please leave a comment and let us know!

  6 Responses to “TCRB Editor’s Picks: Best Juicy Lucy”

  1. I think the 5-8 club is the best because what you complained about is actually why it’s the best plus their juicy Lucy’s. When I eat it I would like the cheese the cheese to actually stay inside and not squirt out and burn my face for being liquid. Plus you will in fact burn your mouth and face I had experience even after waiting 15 to 20 mins.

  2. Must try the jucy Lucy a The CaddyShack bar & grille @ Elk River Golf Club!

  3. The Parmesan Patty Melt at Buffalo Tap in Savage is the best by far!

  4. Check out Buffalo Tap in Savage. Best Juicy Lucy in the burbs!

  5. I love love love Matt’s. Blue Door and Nook are both good. The Buffalo Tap also makes a goos lucy.

  6. I agree with the first pick, the Nook is where it’s at! Matt’s is next on my list. I don’t care much for Blue Door, Tin Cups, or 5-8. I think Blue Door is way lacking in the filling dept. Tin Cups didn’t impress either Steve or myself, they were just average burgers we could have made at home. I don’t know how 5-8 can even compare to Matt’s bar.

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