Jan 282015

Good Morning!

I am not sure if my absence here on the Twin Cities Restaurant has been noticed or if all of my readers have simply forgotten about this blog, but I do realize that it has been two years since I last posted anything here.

Not that I feel the need to apologize or explain myself, but I have had two really good reasons keeping me away…..

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These two little monkeys pictured above! My oldest was born in April 2013 and my youngest was born in October 2014.  They are the loves of my life and keeping me very busy ;)

It may be quite some time before I have the energy, time or motivation to come back to this blog.  We still enjoy dining out but have tried very few new restaurants and we stay much closer to home since the boys always come with us.  I am also still teaching full time during the day.

Sometimes I miss this blog but I wouldn’t trade being a mommy to these little lovers for anything in the world!

I do want to thank everyone who has read my reviews over the years and supported the TCRB.  I also want to acknowledge all of the restaurants and PR people who have reached out to me in the past two years since I have been on hiatus and haven’t received a response.  I rarely check business email and when I do, it feels overwhelming so I have basically let it go.

I plan to keep the Twin Cities Restaurant Blog up and running for the time being, as it documents nearly six years of my dining experiences.  I do hope to someday return but until then, I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying all the wonderful dining options we have here in the Twin Cities……..


  5 Responses to “Checking in 2 years later”

  1. Of course your blog is being missed! It would mean a lot if you could just do a few posts once in a while (hoping these cutties would allow:)). It’s been years that I am following your blog and it’s the first thing that comes in my mind when I hear about Twin Cities.

  2. Congrats on your new additions! I for one have missed your reviews but with a new addition myself (along with my son) it’s tough going out. Your reviews were great when we first moved to the area, and I hope you get back at it somewhere down the line.

  3. Congratulations, beautiful boys! I have missed you but your blog has still been a go-to for me when looking for info on restaurants locally. :-) I’m just glad you’ve left it up for us to continue to use as a resource.

    Enjoy your family….there will always be food and restaurants, but your little peanuts will only be that little for a short time. :-)

  4. It’s great to have you back, looking forward to you reviews again!!!

  5. Glad you checked in. Yes blessed reasons indeed. If you need help with the blog I am offering. but if not I will wait and know your doing well

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