Cakedy Candy Bars ~ Minneapolis, MN

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Mar 132012

A few weeks back I received a package in the mail with a couple of new candy bars from Cakedy Candy Bars.  These candy bars are unique in that they are filled with a nougat made from cake batter.  I am willing to try nearly any chocolate and since these sounded interesting, I said I would give them a try.

The package that was sent to me included two different bars, the Redhead and the Peanutter.  They were each in a  sealed plastic wrapper with a homemade sticker proudly displaying the “Cakedy” name.

The first bar we tried was the Redhead.  It is described on the package as “Strawberry Cream Cheese Nougat with Strawberry Chips and Vanilla Shell”.  I had two other companions who were willing to be guinea pigs with me, and a couple who were far more leery. One friend of mine was suspicious and thought I was crazy to consume a product that was sent to me in this fashion but I assured her that Cakedy was a real company and that everything was fine.  Then I tasted it and to put it nicely, I really didn’t care for it and wish that I hadn’t tried this one first.  My two guinea pigs both thought it was good but I didn’t care for the flavor or texture.

The Peanutter looked much more appealing and tasted far better to me and my companions.  It had a thick layer of chocolate surrounding the peanut butter flavored nougat.  It also had the distinct taste of butterscotch from the chips inside the nougat.  We would all buy these to eat again.

Overall Impression: Everyone who tried the Peanutter bar enjoyed it and thought it was really good.  The Redhead was enjoyed by 2 out of 3 but I personally thought it missed the mark.