Oct 122010

I realize with this blog that I have not made much of an attempt to make the blog posts interactive.  I really do care what ya’ll think when it comes to food so I am going to put more of an effort to seek out your thoughts.  I know you’re out there, many of you spoke up when I had my last Giveaway so I hope you’ll contribute again now and in the future ;)

Have you heard that Chocolate is the New Black?! Well I kind of made that up but I do know that the Minnesota History Center has a new exhibit about its history called Chocolate: The Exhibition.

I have had a lot of chocolate over the years.  This Chocolate Cube & Spoon from 20.21 was one of the coolest Chocolate desserts I have had. Mmmm

Since we’re talking chocolate, I found a new favorite Chocolate bar and wanted to introduce it to you:

Salty Dog Chocolate Bar by B.T.McElrath– 70% dark chocolate with butter toffee pieces and sea salt.

Typically I am a milk chocolate kind of gal but when a friend shared this chocolate bar with me, I loved it! Dark chocolate with just a hint of toffee to sweeten it up and a hint of salty from the sea salt.  YUM!

I also love Godiva, Dove and Cadbury Chocolate. (and you won’t see me turn down a Snickers! lol)

Chocolate chip cookies are also dear to my heart.  {Homemade are the best!}

Now it’s time for the interactive part!  Ready??

  • What are your favorite Chocolates?
  • What are your favorite products or baked goods with chocolate??
  • Restaurants that serve great chocolate desserts?