Oct 252012

This Guest Post was written by Brad Russell

You’ve been to pub crawls — but how about a Dishcrawl? A tastier version of the liquid diversion has just come to the City of Lakes. Signing up now for the Nov. 7th date will allow you to eat your way through Uptown Minneapolis!

Dishcrawl (@dishcrawlMIN) hosts events featuring a select set of restaurant experiences, enticing foodies with a four-restaurant culinary adventure; it is a guided food escapade. It’s a great way for restaurants to get to know the foodie community and share their culinary philosophy. When you go Dishcrawling, you
get to explore food spots of Mpls one neighborhood at a time; the one-on-one time with the people behind the food genius, gives you a more authentic experience with the local food.

The event locations are kept secret until 48 hours prior, at which point the first restaurant is revealed.  Dishcrawling is the perfect chance to try 4+ dishes in one night while enjoying a short brisk walk between restaurants in fall air!

Let’s crawl through this neighborhood and get to know our neighbors over an exciting culinary adventure. It’s delicious and fun!

Price of one ticket ($39) reservation includes all food for one patron. Drinks are not included. To reserve your seats, please register quickly at Minneapolis Dishcrawl. Tickets tend to sell out really fast! Check us out at dishcrawl.com

For those of you lucky enough to get in, see you soon!