Jan 222012

Here are my current picks for Best Ribeye based on the restaurants I have personally visited and reviewed.  I admit this list is limited but it will grow and change as necessary.   If you know of other tender, succulent ribeyes that I need to try, please leave me a recommendation in the comments of this post.  I plan to add Manny’s, Woolley’s (visited 12/31/12), Seven, St Paul Grill, Pittsburgh Blue, Capital Grille (visited  7/10/12), Kincaids and many others as soon as I have a chance.  Not all steakhouses offer ribeye steak but since it is my favorite cut, I will certainly find the ones who do!

#1 The Capital Grille ~ The Porcini Rubbed Delmonico is currently our top pick for the best ribeye in the Twin Cities.  This bone-in steak was prepared medium rare, just as requested, with a beautiful char on some of the edges.  It was juicy and tender as can be, a superior cut  aged to give it a more robust, deep flavor.

Woolley’s Steakhouse ~ The Red-Eye Ribeye ($36), which comes served over a bed of swiss chard and melted gorgonzola. This steak was amazing!!! I ordered it medium rare, and it was cooked just perfectly. When I say that this steak was tender, it could melt in your mouth. The melted gorgonzola was a wonderful accompaniment and added even more flavor. It was served with a warm cheddar ale biscuit and choice of potato. I will order this steak again every time I visit Woolley’s from now on. I might even dream about it ;)

Murray’s Restaurant ~ One bite had me declaring this the best steak of my life! The ribeye was huge; 20oz without the bone.  I ordered it medium and it was cooked just the way I like it.  I could tell that the quality of this steak was excellent, it was extremely tender and seemed to be completely gristle free.  The fat was barely noticeable except for the delicious flavor it added.  The aged beef had a robust flavor and was really well seasoned while also being served atop a small amount of au jus.  Magnificent!! Worth every penny of the $42 price tag.  It was served with choice of potato or salad.  I had baked potato which was also very good.  I have been to Murray’s a few times now and the steaks are consistently wonderful.

Porterhouse Steaks & Seafood ~ They had two size options: 18 or 24oz.   This 24oz steak was boneless and absolutely huge, a great value in comparison to other fine steak houses.  Every bite was extremely  juicy and tender.  I was happy I ordered it medium minus, it was much more red than I usually eat it, but I found that I really enjoyed it like that.  The bleu cheese that was melted on top was flavorful but not too overpowering. So good!  Another of my companions ordered this same steak and also enjoyed the extremely tender cut.

Lakeside Club  ~ They offer two sizes of Ribeye at Lakeside: 12oz & 16oz.  I usually order the 12oz Ribeye, medium temperature.  My steak was phenomenal; it was cooked perfectly and was incredibly tender and juicy.  It was only lightly seasoned with salt but the flavor of the aged meat was wonderful.  It is served with a side salad and choice of potato.  I chose the Shoestring fries

Gordy’s Steak House ~ My companion and I both ordered the 18 oz Delmonico Ribeye Steaks. My steak was a very tender cut, grilled to a perfect medium. The steaks at Gordy’s are said to be aged for 28 days; I could taste just a hint of the aged flavor. The steaks were seasoned very mildly (if at all?!), emphasis was purely on the beef. I dressed mine up with raw horseradish and my companion ordered a side of bearnnaise. Unfortunately my companion’s cut of ribeye was not nearly as tender as mine, unsure of consistency since I have only visited there one time.

Watch this list change and grow as we try more ribeye ;)

Jan 162012

Cuisine: American, Steak, Fish
Restaurant Features: Bar, Banquet Room, On-Site Parking,
Location: Mahtomedi, MN
Address: 10 Old Wildwood Road Mahtomedi, MN 55115 651.777.4097
Hours:  Tuesday-Saturday 4pm-10pm
Links: Google Map

Atmosphere: The atmosphere at the Lakeside Club is one that is very laid-back.  The restaurant has been family-owned and operated since 1946 and the emphasis is definitely on the food.  There isn’t anything fancy about the small, wood-paneled dining room, and eating at the Lakeside does not require anything but casual attire.  A small bar is a popular spot to have a beer and watch whatever game is playing on the TV behind the bar.

Menu: Appetizers at Lakeside Club include Chicken Wings, Cheese Curds,

Sandwiches include Steak Sandwich, Hamburger or Cheeseburger.

Steaks served at Lakeside Club include 12 or 16oz Prime Rib, 12 or 16oz Ribeye, New York Strip, Filet Mignon, and Sirloin. Other entrees include Porkchop, Grilled Chicken Breast, Shrimp or Walleye.  All meals come with side salad and choice of potato or vegetable.

Price guide: Appetizers $7  Steaks $19-30
What we ordered: My companions and I started with the Chicken Wings.  This order of wings came with eight wings that had a crispy, seasoned breading on them.  They were great!

We also tried the Cheese Curds, a large serving of lightly breaded nuggets of hot cheddar cheese.  These were really good; they had a crispy texture and weren’t too greasy.

After we ate our appetizers, our server brought out our dinner salads and a plate of warm rolls, which come with the entrees.  The salads were served in a small bowl with ice berg lettuce, tomato and goldfish crackers.  You can always expect bread of some kind at Lakeside, although it changes frequently.  On this visit we were served brown dinner rolls that were hot and fresh.

I have eaten at the Lakeside countless times over the past decade and I always order the same thing; the 12oz Ribeye, with a medium temperature.  My steak was phenomenal; it was cooked perfectly and was incredibly tender and juicy.  It was only lightly seasoned with salt but the flavor of the aged meat was wonderful.  I had the choice of potato and I ordered fries, which are the salty shoestring variety, similar to McDonald’s. Yum!  Another of our companions also ordered the Ribeye and it was just as wonderful as mine.

Another companion ordered the 16 oz Prime Rib, which was a giant cut prepared medium rare.  This cut was comparatively lean for the size, which was thickly cut.  It was served with prepared horseradish and au jus with choice of fries.

One of my companions ordered the New York Strip, a lean and juicy cut that was just as tender as the ribeye.  Also served with choice of potato and side salad.

Service: I have been going to the Lakeside for over a decade and have become somewhat of a regular over the years.    Our server always remembers what we like to order, which I think is a nice touch.  Sodas are refilled quickly by any available server and the team effort seems to be carried through to the running of dishes and requests, etc.
Overall Impression: The Lakeside Club is a long-time favorite casual place to go for a delicious steak.
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Jan 142012

Cuisine: American, Burgers, Fish & Seafood, Steak & Ribs
Restaurant Features: Bar, Flat Screen TVs, Meat Raffle, Pull-Tabs, On-Site Parking, Live Music, Karaoke
Location: Mahtomedi, MN
Address: 3140 Century Ave Mahtomedi, MN 55110 651-770-2443
Hours: Mon-Thurs 11am-10:30pm *Fri-Sat 11am-11pm  *Sunday 11am-9pm
Links: Google Map * Jethros on Facebook

Atmosphere: Jethros Char House is located in Mahtomedi, in the corner of a strip mall on Century Ave, just north of the entrance to I-694.  The main dining room is centered by a giant wooden island-style bar with seating at booths and tables as well as at the bar.  There is a tiny stage in the corner of the dining room where there is sometimes live music or karaoke.  There is also a pull-tab booth near the bar.

There is another section of tables in the adjacent dining room at the back of the restaurant.  There are flat-screened TVs hanging on the wood-paneled walls throughout the entire restaurant.  The feel of the place is very laid-back and pub-like due to the fact that there are very few windows and it always seems dark inside with the exception of the one window in the back.

Menu: Appetizers include Steak Fries, Onion Rings, Breaded Chicken Wings, Buffalo Wings, Egg Rolls, Breaded Mushroom/Cauliflower, Cheese Curds, Cod Nuggets, Chicken Fingers, Nacho Supreme and Bull Bites.

Soups offered include Chili, French Onion, Clam Chowder (Fridays), and a Soup du Jour.

Salads offered include Chef, Cobb, Chicken Caesar, Char Broiled Chicken, and Black & Bleu Cajun Steak Salad.

Jethros Sandwiches and Burgers all come with fries, coleslaw or chips.  Options include Steak Sandwich, Reuben or Rachel, French Dip, Philly French Dip, Crispy Chicken Fillet, Beer Battered Cod, Buffalo Chicken, Teriyaki Chicken Supreme, Hawaiian Chicken Supreme, Grilled Tuna Melt, and Club Sandwiches.  Burger options include Jethros Supreme (bacon, cheese, bbq), Razorback, Patty Melt and Frisco Melt, or Build-Your-Own Burger.

Entrees at Jethros are served with soup or salad, Texas Toast and choice of fries, coleslaw, wild rice pilaf, steamed broccoli or baked potato.  Options include 6oz or 8oz Sirloin, Petite Tender Medallions, Wild Salmon, Beer Battered Cod, Breaded Shrimp, Slow Roasted Country Style Ribs, Broasted Chicken Dinner, Smoked Pork Chops and Baked Walleye.

Desserts are available but change frequently but may include Snickers Pie, Key Lime Pie, Banana Cream Pie, etc.
Price guide: Appetizers $3-10  Salads $7-9  Sandwiches $8-12
Weekly Specials:

  • Wed & Friday All You Can Eat Fish

What we ordered: My companions and I started with an order of Cajun Steak Bites.  These were very tender and juicy, cooked to a medium temperature.  They were lightly seasoned with Cajun spices and served with a horseradish sour cream sauce on the side.

We also tried the Buffalo Wings, which I loved.  The wings were very lightly breaded and fried crispy and then tossed in a zesty, tangy Buffalo sauce.  There were a dozen large wings in the order, which also came with a giant side of bleu cheese dipping sauce and celery sticks.

I ordered the Walleye Sandwich, which was a daily special.  The fillet of walleye was quite big, lightly breaded and pan fried.  The fish was served on a buttered, toasted hoagie roll with a big leaf of romaine and sliced tomato.  Not only was the sandwich huge, it was also served with a giant portion of thick-cut steak fries.  Excellent.

One companion had the Jethros Supreme Burger, a 1/2lb beef patty char-grilled to a juicy medium then topped with American cheese, two strips of thick-cut bacon.  It was served with a side of zesty barbeque sauce and a large serving of steak fries.

The Fish & Chips at Jethros is not a regular feature on the menu, but is offered as the Wednesday and Friday Night specials.  Fresh pollock is used and then breaded and deep fried.  The order starts with three thick, flaky pieces of fish but since it is an AYCE, order as much as you want! Comes with steak fries, toast, and coleslaw.

Another companion had the Philly French Dip.  This sandwich was stacked with roast beef, sauteed peppers and onions and a low-grade pepperjack.  It was served on a butter-toasted hoagie roll with a cup of au jus and steak fries.

Service: The service at Jethros is very good.  Our server was friendly and very good about refilling drinks promptly and our food was prepared in a reasonable amount of time.
Overall Impression: Jethros Char House is a laid-back and casual restaurant that serves a variety of good sandwiches and American entrees.  Meat Raffle every Saturday as well as pull-tabs and karaoke make it a popular place to hang out and have drinks.
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Jethro's Char-House & Pub Reviews in White Bear Lake

Jan 082011

Cuisine: American, Deli, Italian, Pizza
Restaurant Features: Bar, Market, On-Site Parking
Location: Willernie, MN (Mahtomedi)
Address: 460 Stillwater Road Willernie, MN 55090  (651) 653-4733
Hours: Mon-Thurs  11am-9pm   Fri-Sat 11-am-10pm  Sun 11am-8pm

Links: Roma Website * Roma Facebook Page *  Google Map

Atmosphere: Roma is located in downtown Willernie in a space that used to occupy a laundromat.  They did a spectacular job with their remodeling, as the new space is a very fresh and cute.  A majority of the space is used by the dining room, which has a mix of both tables and booths.  There is also a bar area that offers seating at the bar as well as at a handful of bistro tables.  There are many windows, giving plenty of beautiful natural light during the day.  I sat at a booth by the window and discovered that it can also be cool and drafty during winter months.  I can only assume that the lights are dim at night to offer more of a romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

Roma also has a “Roman Market” which offers Premium Meats and European Deli items.

Menu: Appetizers include Antipasto Classico (meat & cheese tray), Cheese & Fruit Plate, Spinach Artichoke Dip, Spirito (Flatbread and three dips/spreads), Mussels ala Romana, Caprese, Italian Wings, Hummus, Bruschetta, Gelee (fruits and cheeses on crustini bread), Fonduta, and Italian Fries.

Salad options are the Gorgonzola, Greek, Caesar, Bistecca (steak with caramelized onions), Chicken with Apple and Walnuts, Rucola (arugula, bacon, egg, tomato), and Spinach Salad.

Sandwiches at Roma are served with kettle chips and include Greek Gyro, Italian Sub, Reuben, Rachel, French Dip, Turkey Melt, Hot Dago, Italian Beef, and Trojan Tenderloin.  Flatbread wraps include Turkey, Chicken Caesar, Garlic Steak, Italian Combo, Diavlo Shrimp and Stromboli.  Additional sandwiches served on the lunch menu include Porketta, BBQ Meatloaf, Grinder, Sausalito Turkey, Meatball Hoagie, Pastrami, Walleye, Margherita, and the Gladiator Melt (roast beef and cheddar).

Roma’s Pasta menu consists of Spaghetti, Gnocchi Bolognese, Lasagna Classico, Lasagna Blanco, Fettuccine Alfredo, Sausage Arabiatta, Chicken and Shrimp Linguini, and Squash Ravioli.  Additional Pastas and Entrees served at dinner include Lobster Canneloni, Shrimp Pomodoro, Gorgonzola Filet, Sacchetti (pasta filled with truffle and ricotta in fontina cream sauce), Scallops Puttanesca, Chicken Saltimbocca, and Walleye in a Remoulade Sauce.

Roma has quickly become known for its wood-fired pizzas (10″& 14″) with options such as the Cheese, Margherita, Succo (cinnamon cream, squash, gorgonzola and caramelized onions with maple syrup), Garden, Balsalmico, Vesuvio (pepperoni, sausage, ham, mushroom, onion and peppers), Pesto Shrimp, Greek Gyro, Chicken Alfredo or Build-Your-Own.

Price guide: Appetizers $4-12  Salads $8-12 Sandwiches $8-12   Pastas/Entrees $12-22  Specialty Pizzas 10″ $9+   14″ $14

Happy Hour:

  • Daily 3-5pm
  • 2-for-1 Tap & Bottled Beer, Mixed Drinks and Wine-by-the-Glass
  • Cash Bar Only

What we ordered: The Italian Wings sounded good so we started with an order of those.  The wings were loosely coated with Italian bread crumbs and then fried to a golden brown. The breading was only slightly crispy  and was flaking off the wings in the usual way of bread crumbs, but they tasted delicious nonetheless! They were served with both bleu cheese and marinara.

Our server highly recommended the Spinach Artichoke Dip so we also had an order of that.  It took some time to arrive because the flatbread was made to order, but we both liked it quite a bit.  The flatbread was baked with parmesan cheese until the perfect texture of soft and crispy.  The dip was very cream-cheese dominant with subtle pieces of artichoke and spinach blended in.  We liked it but both agreed we prefer artichoke dip with a blend of cheeses and seasonings.

There was a very nice selection of sandwiches on the lunch menu and after asking for a recommendation, I ordered the Gladiator Melt.  This sandwich was very good! The thinly-sliced roast beef was very tender and flavorful and had the cheddar cheese melted right into the layers.  It was served on a soft yet slightly crusty ciabatta bread with a wine vinaigrette and aoili sauce.  The textures and flavors of this sandwich went really well together.  It was served with seasoned kettle chips and red grapes.

The Porketta was another recommendation of the server’s that my companion decided to try. I had been really enjoying my Gladiator Melt but then I tried a bite of the Porketta and I forgot all about the sandwich i ordered.  This was one of the best new sandwiches I have tried in quite some time!  The base of the sandwich was moist, tender pulled pork flavored with Italian seasonings then topped with melted pepperjack and sauteed peppers and onions.  Seriously awesome, can’t figure out why this sandwich is not included on the dinner menu!?

Service: Our visit was mid-afternoon on a weekday so we had no problem getting a parking spot and we had our pick of tables as well.  We were promptly greeted by our friendly server, who seemed to be the only person working in front.  She made some great recommendations from the menu and brought us drinks and refills as needed.  The timing of the food wasn’t the best; it took nearly 20 minutes for our appetizers since they were both made-to-order and even though we ordered our sandwiches later than we ordered the apps, our sandwiches came out less than five minutes after the apps.  That is kind of a pet-peeve of mine but I didn’t sweat it since we were practically the only people in the restaurant.

Overall Impression: This is a lovely little gem in Willernie, near Mahtomedi.  The sandwiches are excellent and the pastas and pizzas are rumored to be pretty awesome as well.  The prices seemed very reasonable for the amount of food you get.  Can’t wait to go back and try dinner very soon!  One thing I think is great about Roma is that they always have some kind of printable coupon on their website.  The current coupon for January 2011 is for Buy-One-Get-One Half Off .  Now print yourselves a coupon, try Roma and let me know what you think!

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Oct 162010

Cuisine: American, Bar & Grill, Fish & Seafood, Pasta, Steak

Restaurant Features: Bar, Banquet Room, Happy Hour, Patio
Location: Willernie, MN (Mahtomedi)
Address: 301 Stillwater Road  Willernie, MN 55090  651-762-9662
Hours: Opens Daily at 4pm
Links:Gordy’s Steakhouse Website * Gordy’s Facebook PageGoogle Map

Atmosphere: Gordy’s Steak House is located in the heart of Willernie, on Stillwater Road just one block from Hwy 244.  Gordy’s opened in 2005, in the location that was once the historic Shore Club.  The inside of the restaurant is formal,  romantic and masculine, with dark woods and deep colors emphasized by the grape vines and fairy lights that grace the walls.  The dining room is quite dark, with just the candles and fairy lights providing any light.   The room is quite formal with each candle-lit table and booth covered with a white table cloth, and the wait staff all wearing matching uniforms of formal white shirts and black pants.  A bar centers the two sections of the dining room, and there is also a dining room in back that is perfect for larger parties.Inside Gordy's Steak House ~ Mahtomedi, MN

Menu: The appetizers at Gordy’s include Blackened Tenderloin Tips, Seared Ahi Tuna, Bruschetta, Crab Cakes, Italian Flat Bread, Stuffed Mushrooms and Artichoke Spinach Dip.

Salads offered are the Tomato Salad, Bacon Bleu, Caesar and Chopped Salad.

Gordy’s sandwiches include Prime Rib Hoagie, Kobe Burger, and Artichoke Chicken.

Pasta options are the Fettuccini Alfredo, Shrimp Campellini, Cheese Tortellini Alfredo with Ham and Mushrooms, Lobster Ravioli and Cajun Chicken Fettuccini.

Steaks at Gordy’s include 7 oz Filet Mignon, 10 oz Top Sirloin, Black & Bleu Sirloin, 18 oz Ribeye, 14 oz New York Strip and Steak Oscar (Steak & Crab).  Other Entrees at Gordy”s are Pan Fried Walleye, Chicken Kiev, Grilled Lamb Chops, Chicken Marsala, Grilled Salmon, Jumbo Shrimp, Toro Shrimp (blackened tips with jumbo shrimp), and Seafood Combo (shrimp, walleye and crab cake).

Desserts at Gordy’s include Cheesecake, Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie, Molten Chocolate Cake, and Caramel Toffee Brownie.
Price guide: Appetizers $9-13  Salads $8-12  Sandwiches $11-12  Pastas $15-20  Steaks $20-30  Entrees $17-26

Happy Hour: Sun-Sat 3:30-6:00pm

  • $2.00 off any Tap Beer
  • $3.00 Bottle Beer
  • $4.00 House Wines
  • $5.00 Martinis

Weekly Specials:

Tuesdays- Blackened Swordfish $17.99

Wednesdays- Steak Oscar $25.99

Thursdays- BBQ Ribs 1/2 rack $14  Full rack $18

Fridays- Halibut Milanese $23.99

Saturday- Prime Rib 10 oz/ $22       16 oz/$27

Sunday- Land & Lake 10 oz Sirloin & Walleye $26.99

What we ordered: My companion and I started with the Spinach Artichoke Dip, a large serving of creamy, cheesy dip served with a loaf of warm baguette.  This dip was heavenly! It had several bite-sized pieces of tender artichoke, along with spinach and green onion, baked with a blend of cheeses.  The crusty bread was partially sliced and offered the perfect compliment in texture to the creamy dip.  The serving was quite big and would easily feed more than two.

Each entree comes with choice of soup or salad. I had the garden salad, my companion had the Chicken & Dumpling Soup.

The Chicken and Dumpling Soup was served in a large bowl, with a generous amount of dumplings and carrots swimming in the savory chicken broth.

My companion and I both ordered the 18 oz Delmonico Ribeye Steaks. My steak was a very tender cut, grilled to a perfect medium.  The steaks at Gordy’s are said to be aged for 28 days; I could taste just a hint of the aged flavor.  The steaks were seasoned very mildly (if at all?!), emphasis was purely on the beef.  I dressed mine up with raw horseradish and my companion ordered a side of bearnnaise.  Unfortunately my companion’s cut of ribeye was not nearly as tender as mine.

I had my choice of potato or vegetable and went with the Loaded Baked, which came with the standard sour cream, bacon crumbles and green onion.

My companion ordered the Teriyaki Green Beans as side of choice.  These were really good, they were sweet and cooked just right.

Before dinner I had asked what the offerings were for dessert, so I made sure to save a little room for this Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie.  Giant it was! It stood about an inch high and was probably 5″ across.  It was served warm, and tasted just like soft homemade cookies fresh from the oven.  It was drizzled with chocolate and caramel, with vanilla ice cream optional.

Service: Our service at Gordy’s was excellent.  Our server, Lisa, was very friendly and knowledgeable of the menu. Drinks were continuously replenished and our food was served at the perfect pace so we were able to enjoy each course as it was brought out.
Overall Impression: While Gordy’s is known for their steaks, there are other items on their menu that I would be more likely to try instead if I visit again.  Service was top-notch!

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Apr 192007

**** A newer review of Jethros Char House dated 1/14/12 can be found here ****

Cuisine: American, Burgers, Fish & Seafood, Steak & Ribs

Restaurant Features: Bar, Games, Pull-Tabs, On-Site Parking

Location: Mahtomedi, MN

Address: 3140 Century Ave Mahtomedi, MN 55110 651-770-2443

Links: Google Map * Jethros on Facebook


Atmosphere: No need for fancy duds at this Char-house!  Jethro’s is a very laid-back restaurant/bar, a popular place for locals to meet up and enjoy a drink or fill up on good food.  Wood paneled walls and wooden tables grace most of the restaurant.  There is also a back room complete with 2nd bar, pull-tabs  and dart boards.


Menu: Start of your experience with a choice of buffalo wings, fried mushrooms, Beef Nacho Supreme, and Walleye or Chicken Fingers.  Sandwiches include a Philly, French Dip, Jethro’s Reuben, Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken, Tuna Melt and Fish Filet.

Maybe your more in the mood for a burger? Jethro’s recently changed their burger menu to a “Build your Own Burger” with a list of toppings so that you may customize your own burger.

Entrees include Broasted Chicken, Wild Sockeye Salmon, Baked Lemon Pepper Cod, Shrimp, Penne Pasta or Sirloin or New York Strip Steak.

Price guide: Appetizers: $6-9  Sandwiches: $7-11  Burgers: $7.95 (for up to 3 toppings) Entrees: $10-19

What we ordered: The Jethro’s Reuben.  Classic corned beef Reuben on pumpernickel with swiss and “special sauce”.  Basically the special sauce is the sauerkraut pre-mixed into the thousand island dressing; you can’t have one without the other. I thought the sandwich was very good, piled high with corned beef and grilled nice and crispy. (I wouldn’t have been able to take a picture of the inside of the sandwich without making an gooey mess.  Take my word for it).  The large steak fries were HOT and crispy.


My companion customized a burger with cheddar, bacon and sauteed mushrooms.  If you’re  a fan or charbroiled burgers, Jethro’s has the best!


Service: The service at Jethro’s is usually fast, even when there is a busy crowd.  Drinks are refilled when needed.

Overall Impression: Jethro’s is a good place to go if you like a casual atmosphere, they are also accommodating toward larger groups. Good food (excellent burgers) and good service.