Sep 032011

This is NOT one of those posts telling you about all the latest and greatest NEW food items at the State Fair, many of those have already been covered: City Pages, Heavy Table, Rick Nelson at Star Tribune, You Care What We Think, Simple Good and Tasty, and  A Herbalist Eats.

Instead this is just a recollection of what I ate this year in the few hours I was there, many of these are things I eat every year….

First thing we tried was the Deep Fried Banana Split.  Absolutely Amazing!!! They took a whole banana, coated it with a sweet, tasty batter (think cross between donut and pancake) and then deep fried it and served with with a big, hard scoop of old-fashioned vanilla ice cream.  I will get this every single time I am at the Fair from now on!! You can get this delightful treat at Ole and Lena’s, near the entrance to the Midway. I think it was $6.50

I first discovered Scotch Eggs about five years ago, right here at the Fair.  You might think this looks strange but trust me, it is wonderful…. especially for breakfast!  A hard boiled egg is thickly wrapped with a spicy Scottish sausage, then rolled in bread crumbs and deep-fried.  It is so big that I had it cut in two so I could share it.  The three sauces are self-serve and include Creamy Horseradish, Honey Mustard and Ranch. $6

One big debate between people out at the Fair is Corn Dog or Pronto Pup.  I am on the side of the Corn Dog, in fact it is one of my all-time faves. Mmmmm.  Still one of the least expensive items at the Fair at $3

One item I tried this year that I have never had before is the Potato Sausage at Sausage by Cynthia. Yum! The sausage itself was wonderful and came with the option of sauteed green peppers.  It was served on a thick, dense bun and too much for me to eat alone.

I heard great things about the new Fried Apple Pie at the Minneapple so I had to try it.  The apples were just the right level of tartness, pocketed between a  crust that was flaky and not at all greasy, topped with sugar and cinnamon.  Served with vanilla ice cream ala mode.  Make sure you try it!

It wouldn’t be a trip out to the State Fair without Cheese Curds. I don’t have a particular favorite cheese curd but most years I buy them at the Mouse Trap inside the Food Building.  I can only handle 3-4 at a time before I am OD’d on cheese curds, so I always make sure to share them with whoever I am with.  That goes for all food, actually. $5.50 or $6

I also have to have Roasted Corn every year; there is no better sweet corn than freshly picked, Minnesota-grown. $3

We also had Deep Fried Ravioli from Vescios.  I got the jalapeno and cheese which were pretty good.  This is another item I always share or it gets to be too much.  $6

The last thing we ate before heading out of the Fair was the London Broil, another of my favorite items.  You get a heaping pile of thinly sliced beef topped with mushrooms and creamy horseradish (optional).  I would drive out of my way for a sandwich like this one if I could find it outside of the MN State Fair! $7.50

What awesome things did you eat out at The MN State Fair this year?

Aug 242011

Location: Ball Park Café,on Underwood, between Carnes and Dan Patch Avenue

The Ball Park Cafe
Photo by Mykl Roventine
The following craft brews will be available at Ball Park Café this year during the Minnesota State Fair:

  • Surly Furious,
  • Surly Bender,
  • Surly Hell,
  • Summit 25th Anniversary Ale,
  • Liftbridge Farm Girl Saison,
  • Liftbridge Chestnut Hill,
  • Stone Arrogant Bastard,
  • Alaskan Amber,
  • Alaskan IPA,
  •  Odell 90 Schilling,
  • Goose Island,
  • Tallgrass Halcyon.