Nov 302016


I know it has been far too long since I’ve posted here.  This blog’s landing page has been broken for nearly two years now and I finally just did something about it.  Hooray!

So what is new with everyone? I honestly don’t expect to have any followers after being absent for the past 4 years.  I won’t make apologies for it.  I am still working as a teacher and spending nights and weekends with my hubby and two little boys.  They are 2 & 3yrs old now.  They are also seasoned restaurant-goers.  Unfortunately they haven’t developed their little pallettes beyond the typical diet of most toddlers (chicken fingers and hot dogs!) and we end up sticking close to home most nights.

Alas, I have not given up on this blog!  It will be here waiting for me when I’m ready to get back to it.  I am sure most people don’t realize how much time I had put into this blog when it was in its hay-day.  I just don’t have the time these days.  I would welcome guest-posts from those of you who live in the Twin Cities, love food, take good photos, and can follow my basic template.  You’d be doing it out of the goodness of your heart…. I don’t make any money from this blog.

I know the reviews on this site are all old and out-of-date.  There is always so much turnover in the restaurant business, I’m honestly not even sure which restaurants on my list are closed.  Have you tried any  new or great restaurants lately?? I would love to get some dialogue going! It’ll help motivate me to get this site back to its glory ;)

In the meantime, here is a little pic of my family


Feb 022016

Its been literally years since I have posted on this blog but I wanted to check in and say Happy New Year!

I have no plans to resurrect this blog but I am still posting on Twitter @TwinCitiRestBlg if you want to follow along ;)

Jan 282015

Good Morning!

I am not sure if my absence here on the Twin Cities Restaurant has been noticed or if all of my readers have simply forgotten about this blog, but I do realize that it has been two years since I last posted anything here.

Not that I feel the need to apologize or explain myself, but I have had two really good reasons keeping me away…..

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

These two little monkeys pictured above! My oldest was born in April 2013 and my youngest was born in October 2014.  They are the loves of my life and keeping me very busy ;)

It may be quite some time before I have the energy, time or motivation to come back to this blog.  We still enjoy dining out but have tried very few new restaurants and we stay much closer to home since the boys always come with us.  I am also still teaching full time during the day.

Sometimes I miss this blog but I wouldn’t trade being a mommy to these little lovers for anything in the world!

I do want to thank everyone who has read my reviews over the years and supported the TCRB.  I also want to acknowledge all of the restaurants and PR people who have reached out to me in the past two years since I have been on hiatus and haven’t received a response.  I rarely check business email and when I do, it feels overwhelming so I have basically let it go.

I plan to keep the Twin Cities Restaurant Blog up and running for the time being, as it documents nearly six years of my dining experiences.  I do hope to someday return but until then, I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying all the wonderful dining options we have here in the Twin Cities……..


Jan 042013

A couple of months back Manitou Station in White Bear Lake debuted a new menu and I have been fortunate to try several of the new items. Here are just a few:

Bruschetta ~ This order came with six garlic crustinis topped with fresh chopped tomato, grated margiano, basil, and balsamic vinegar.  Fresh and delicious!

Artichoke Dip ~ A blend of artichoke hearts, cream cheese, parmesan and seasonings, baked in a ramekin and served with flatbread wedges.

Sausage and Peppers ~ This pasta dish starts with a bed of Fettuccine tossed in a zesty rose sauce with roasted bell peppers and Italian sausage.  I loved this, it very flavorful!

Black Pepper Blue Burger ~ All the burgers at Mantiou are delicious, big (7oz) and juicy.  This particular burger is topped with several big chunks of bleu cheese and fried onion straws, served on a toasted bun with steak fries.

Black & Bleu Burger at Manitou Station ~ White Bear Lake, MN

Black & Bleu Burger at Manitou Station ~ White Bear Lake, MN

Also new to the menu are the Scotch Egg Burger, Chicken Marsala, and Buffalo Wings. You’ll have to visit Manitou Station soon and taste what else is new!

Dec 212012

Instead of the customary guide for restaurant goers, I am writing this blog post for the people behind the restaurants we love. This may come as a surprise to some of you, but I realized it is high time to feature a guide intended for local restaurant owners. We all know that more and more people are going online nowadays, so I thought of writing something that would serve as a basic how-to on establishing online presence. What is great about having a presence on the web is it provides many opportunities for local restaurant owners. By being online, they can reach their potential customers more efficiently than offline strategies. Even established restaurants like Tilia continue to leverage their online presence to grow their business.

One of the essential tools in creating online presence is business websites. Having a website allows local owners to advertise their restaurant in the best ways possible, which in return can expand the business’ market significantly. But like most things these days, people have to spend time and money to have a website built for them. Restaurant owners who are on a tight budget can leverage existing online mediums such as Facebook, Foursquare, and Google+. These are three of the most popular social networking communities in which restaurant owners can conveniently share information and promos on their business. If these posts are buzz worthy enough to their potential customers, it will generate valuable leads for their restaurant. Just like FoxyBingo.comand other online gaming communities, social media sites promote interaction between business owners and consumers. hosts friendly tournaments occasionally, enabling them to connect and even share personal experiences in the gaming industry.

In addition, blogging is also a great medium in establishing online presence. By maintaining a blog in WordPress, Blogger, or LiveJournal, local restaurant owners can personally connect with the people they want to serve. They can blog on the subject of their current menu, restaurant additions, upcoming events, and many more. It is also important to include quality images or videos in each blog post. Blogging sites are generally free, so restaurant owners wouldn’t have to worry about monthly fees.

Nov 172012

Hello faithful readers and long-time followers,

Thanks for bearing with me while I stepped back and took a little break from this blog.  I appreciate the concern of those of you who reached out to me during my 2-3 month absence and asking if everything was okay.

Everything is great, the truth is that I am expecting my first baby in April 2013!

The first few months were kind of tough as I was quite sick and had zero energy or motivation to write.  Please remember that I work a full-time job teaching and this blog is more of a hobby when I have time for it ;)

The good news is that I am feeling much better (and hungrier!) now and hope to start trying new restaurants again and writing the reviews that have put the Twin Cities Restaurant Blog on the map ;)


Sep 162012

Hello readers of the TCRB,
You may have noticed my absence of late.
I am on Hiatus for indefinite amount of time and not sure when I will be back to blogging.
Please feel free to leave your message and I will try to get back to you when possible.  Requests for posts may take some time.
Sorry for the inconvenience!