Aug 222011

I pride myself on being willing to try just about anything, food-wise.  I might not like it, but at least I will try it.

One food that I have tried a few different times is a battle with me.  No many how many times I try it, I just don’t care for anything about it.

That food?  Uni.  Also known as Sea Urchin.

Yes, it looks like baby poop.  Yes, it has a very interesting texture.

None of that bothers me, it is the taste that gets me.  Very minerally.

I am told that Uni is an acquired taste, but I am pretty sure I will never be there!

Have any of you tried Uni?  What do you think? Take this poll but also leave comments, I am very curious


Mongolian Barbeque: How do you like your stir-fry?

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May 132011

I love Khan’s and bd’s Mongolian and the concept of build-your-own stir fry.  So many options and combos to try, whats not to love?

I have my favorite combination at Khan’s down to a science after experimenting many times over the years. Mmmm, so good!

  • Beef
  • Thin Noodles
  • Broccoli
  • Mushrooms
  • Onions
  • Green Pepper
  • Red Pepper
  • Jalapeno
  • Pineapple
  • Tons of Cilantro
  • Garlic
  • Spicy House Sauce
  • Chili Oil
  • Cooking Wine
  • Pad Thai Sauce

There are many other combinations I have tried over the years but this one is my favorite ;)

At Khan’s you also get this appetizer that includes Hot and Sour Soup, A Fried Wonton and a Marinated Chicken Wing.

What are your favorite ingredients for stir-fry at the Mongolian Barbeque?

Apr 152011

Gas prices these days are totally ridiculous, aren’t they??  I cringe thinking about how much gas I consume and how much it is costing me every month.  As a resident of a Northeast suburb, I have a long way to travel to get to the southern or western suburbs, and recent gas prices have most definitely effected how far I can afford to travel when deciding which restaurants to visit.  It might cost me as much as $20 in gas (round trip) to get to a restaurant just 30-40 miles away.  That is just craziness!!  Combined with higher food prices and 20% tip, an average dinner for two of us can cost anywhere from $40-100.  Do you feel me?

I sure hope that gas prices do not continue to climb or I might not be able to afford to leave my house!

How about you? Have the higher gas prices effected where you eat? How far are you willing to travel to get to a restaurant with these current high gas prices?

Feb 142011

Did you and your sweetie go out to celebrate Valentine’s Day this weekend? How about tonight?

Which restaurant did you go to or will you go to tonight??

Or would you rather enjoy a romantic evening in? If so, what was on your menu?

How about Flowers? Chocolate? Jewelry?

Feb 072011

It’s been a LONG time since I have done a reader poll and in an attempt to get my readers more involved, I am posting this one to you today……

What are your favorite appetizers to order when you go out to eat?? If you’re like me, you probably have many!

I am not giving anything away to get you to answer this, but I would love to hear from you anyway.  Leave a comment and make sure to subscribe to the comments so you can read the fun answers as they come in!

I will post a list of my favorite appetizers in the comments sections as well :)

Dec 102010

If you are reading this, I can only assume its because you like to eat good food!

I know Twin Cities Restaurant Blog is not the only website out here in Cyberspace delivering information about local restaurants……. so what other sites do you visit to get information and to read restaurant reviews? Please share.

Just curious!  I consider all other sites my colleagues, not competition, and I love to read other reviews.

Oct 242010

I am currently working on a review that includes Scotch Eggs.  YUM! They are one item that can’t be found just anywhere, so when I do see them on a menu, I Must Order them ;)

Are there any food items that when you see them on the menu you just know you Must Order it?

As much as I love ethnic variety and trying new foods, I am also drawn to particular favorites that I seem to order at many different restaurants.  Have you noticed any of my favorites from my posts?? Reuben and Cuban sandwiches are definitely on my list.  So are Buffalo Wings and Pad Thai noodles! Chili Cheese Dogs too, of course. I have many favorites and it is always fun to taste the differences and try to determine which restaurants do it Best.

What favorite foods do you tend to find yourself straying toward when ordering at different restaurants?