Sponsored Post: iPad Point of Sale in the 21st Century

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May 222012

This is Sponsored Post written by Jeff Pollock


How rude! I’m here, trying to tell him my order, and he’s just standing there, typing away on his phone! “Young man, what exactly are you doing!?”

If you’ve found yourself in this situation, either you had a terrible server, or you’ve taken yet another step into the 21st century and found how technology is becoming more and more a part of every bit of our lives. iPad point of sale are quickly taking the restaurant and hospitality industries by storm. At only a year old, Ambur Point of Sale has over 180 clients in 11 different countries. From the United States to Columbia and as far away as Japan, restaurants were questioning the inefficiencies of their traditional POS, then they found the answer, Ambur.

iPad point of sale (POS) systems are quickly taking the hospitality industry by storm. All over the world, restaurants have been questioning the inefficiencies of traditional POS. Now they have an answer, Ambur Point of Sale. With hundreds of clients in 11 different countries Ambur is making life easier for servers, managers, and especially the owners of all sorts of businesses.

iPad POS systems are great for everything from food trucks to banquet halls, even culinary schools are signing up. Apple touch devices to ensure their students are prepared for the future of food service and point of sale.

Traditional POS systems are like old-timer rotary dial phones, locked down to the wall with very limited capabilities.  Compare that to an Apple iPhone, sleek, mobile, with almost unlimited features, capabilities through the App Store.
Constantly evolving with the industry, most iPad POS systems offer free updates and maximum flexibility, constantly evolving with the industry.

In years past, setting up a menu and training employees would take weeks. Now everything can be setup in a day or two – just let the servers “play” with the iPad and they can figure the system out in no time.

Why this is good for you, the customer: Sending your order directly from the table to the kitchen, servers will spend less time running around, and more time ensuring you’re as happy as can be. They can also handle your credit card payments right at the table, so you don’t have to worry about dishonest people skimming your information with pocket-sized credit card readers.

Why this is good for you, the server: Less time spent waiting in line at a terminal, and no need to search for scrap paper or lost pens, every order is just a few taps away. Have fun with your iPad, iPod or iPhone and look cool doing it!

Why this is good for you, the owner: If you’re starting up a new restaurant,  a few grand sounds, 500 sounds lot better than $20,000. Your servers will flow like a well-oiled machine instead of lining up behind terminals, waiting to send orders through. Quicker processing of orders and payments means a quicker turnover rate, and more tables means more money for you. You can export your reports to can email reports via CSV files, which can be imported into QuickBooks or other accounting software,saving you time typing in every order. giving you more time to focus on your business.

POS systems are about efficiency, and the mobility of an iPad point of sale takes efficiency to a whole new level. Simplifying your server flow, table turnover and automated reporting, iPad point of sale systems are the way of the 21st Century.

Based in Buffalo, NY, Ambur Point of Sale was founded by two former restaurant managers who knew what was wrong with traditional POS systems, and how things should be… Simple. Jeff Pollock, another Buffalonian has worked in restaurants through his high school and college careers. Now he works with Ambur, revolutionizing the hospitality industry.