Aug 242008

Cuisine: American, Fish & Seafood, Steaks, Chops & Ribs
Restaurant Features: Bar, Games, On-Site Parking

Location: Withrow, MN  (Washington Co. between Hugo and Stillwater)
Address: 12010 Keystone Ave Stillwater, MN 55082 (651) 439-6625
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Atmosphere: The structure of the restaurant is made of logs, so as you would expect, the interior has the feel of a giant lodge.  The vaulted ceilings make the large dining room appear even bigger than it is.  There are several wooden tables to accommodate various sized groups and a selection of booths as well. Attached to the dining room is a nice bar area.


Menu: Appetizers include Angus Bites, Chicken Bites, BBQ Chicken Nachos, Onion Stacks, Walleye Fingers, Sal’s Spuds, Coconut Shrimp, Pasta Nachos, Pork Wontons, Beer Battered Mushrooms, and Bruschetta.  Sal’s also has Chicken Noodle Soup, Chicken Wild Rice, and a Soup of the Day.

Salads offered are the Angus Bite, Chopped Chef, Caesar, BLT, and Sal’s Salad.

Sal’s also has a handful of specialty sandwiches such as the Hot Dago, Buffalo Chicken, Angus Bit and Italian Chicken.  You can also build your own burger or chicken breast sandwich.

Pastas include Homemade Lasagna, Chicken Penne, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Fettucine Alfredo, and Baked Chicken Parmesan.

Entrees are served with green beans and choice of potato, featuring Angus Sirloin, New York Strip, Ribeye, Sunfish, Walleye, Salmon, Jumbo Shrimp, BBQ Pork Ribs, Pork Tenderloin, Broasted Chicken, and Stuffed Chicken Breast.

Price guide: Appetizers $ 8-10 Sandwiches $8-10 Pasta $12-16  Entrees $17-22
What I ordered: We were given complimentary rolls with a sweet, sugary butter. I love it when restaurants have bread and flavored butter!


We started with Buffalo wings, which happened to be very large and crispy.  The buffalo sauce was tangy and I could detect a hint of garlic in the bleu cheese, a nice addition to the standard buffalo/bleu cheese combo.


I ordered the Hot Dago because I was really in the mood for Italian and although a Steak House/ Bar & Grill is not the place one would typically think would have good Italian food, I was really happy with my sandwich! Served on a large slice of toasted Italian bread, the meat was a tasty combination of both beef and Italian pork sausage grilled into a patty.  It had a light amount of sauce on top (with extra sauce served on the side), then topped with grated mozzarella and parmesan.  The flavor of the sandwich was really good and the bread stayed crispy rather than getting soggy from too much sauce.  The Dago came with a ton of fries that were hot and salty.



After debating whether to get Prime Rib or Ribeye, one of my companions ordered the 14 oz. Ribeye with loaded baked potato.  The steak was really tender and the baked potato was loaded with cheddar, bacon, green onion, and sour cream on the side.  The green beans were perfectly cooked and had a slightly sweet flavor.


Another companion started with the Italian Wedding Soup and then had the California Burger.  I didn’t try either of these, but the soup looked good.  The burger was supposedly “good”, but the perfect roundness of it makes me think that it may have been a frozen patty rather than from fresh ground beef?



Service: Our visit was late on a Saturday night, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves.  Our server was really good and had suggestions that helped make our decisions.
Overall Impression: Really good for a rural restaurant.  The prices seemed reasonable for what you got and the service was good.
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