Jan 192008

Cuisine: American, Fish & Seafood, Steak, Chops & Ribs
Restaurant Features: Bar, On-Site Parking

Location: Wyoming, MN
Address: 26753 Forest Blvd, Wyoming, MN 55092 (651) 462-1211

Hours: Mon& Tues- Closed Wed & Thurs 2:30pm-9pm Fri & Sat 2:30pm -10pm Sun 1pm -9pm
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Atmosphere: Dark, cherry-stained pine lines the walls and gives the Cornerstone a very comfortable yet masculine atmosphere.  A variety of tables as well as booths.  There is a separate large bar area in the building, with plenty of seating and gaming options (Bingo, video games, pull-tabs, darts, etc)


Menu: Sandwiches include steak sandwich, dutch steak sandwich, Reuben, Patty melt, chicken supreme, prime rib, walleye sandwich, and  veggie burger.  The cornerstone also offers a build-your-own-burger with a variety of toppings to choose from.

Dinner entrees include the famous “Queen” or “King” cut Prime Rib, T-bone steaks, ribeye, New Yorl strip, sirloin, hamburger steak, extra thick boneless pork loin, pork chops with a variety of seasonings to choose from, BBQ ribs, liver and onions, deep fried chicken, walleye dinner, shrimp scampi, breaded jumbo shrimp, stuffed shrimp.

There are a few children’s menu items, salads and soups as well.

Price guide: Sandwiches $7-9  Entrees $10-20
What I ordered: The Reuben.  I practically consider myself a Reuben connoisseur, and this Reuben is one of the best I have EVER had!!  The corned beef was sliced very thin, but was tender as could be, with awesome flavor.  The bread was grilled to a nice, toasty texture, without any of the sogginess you might experience from grilled sandwiches elsewhere.  The 1000 island dressing came served on the side.  They also gave me a ton of fries, which were thin and crispy.  A big hit overall!


Two of my companions ordered the Prime Rib.  Featured here is the “King Cut”, 20-24 oz.  This steak is MASSIVE!! The taste was very good, and for $20, I don’t know if you can find a prime rib steak that is any bigger or better for the price.


Another companion ordered the stuffed shrimp.  This was simply, “alright”. The breading of the shrimp was nice and crispy, but the inside was lightly filled with a cheesy/crab mixture that had a very blended texture.


Service: Could be much better! This is the second time I had eaten at the Cornerstone and the serving staff does not seem to be very friendly or helpful.  There were four of us dining on this occasion, and when the server brought out complimentary soup/salads for the entrees that my companions ordered, she only brought us three rolls! I cannot recall whether the menu included a dinner roll with the Reuben, but come on! In my opinion, enough dinner rolls should be brought to the table for everyone who is seated, regardless of what they ordered.
Overall Impression: Nice atmosphere for both dining and entertainment. Great Prime Rib for the money and excellent Reubens.  Service needs improvement.
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